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An engineer with hard hat holding plan sheet at the construction site.
Watania, same commitment. Truly national footprint with full service offices to assist you.Watania, same commitment. Truly National footprint with full-service offices to assist you.

Business Takaful Products


• Construction Plant and Equipment
• Machinery Breakdown
• Boilers and pressure vessels
• Deterioration of Stocks


• Property All-risk
• Fire and Allied Perils
• Business Interruption and Sabotage
• Strata Takaful


• Marine Cargo
• Marine Hull
• Ship Repair and Liabilities
• Inland Transit

General Accident

• Fidelity Guarantee
• Business Travel
• Commercial Crime
• Computer and Electronic Crime

Casualty & Liability

• Public and Products Liability
• Medical Malpractice
• Directors and Officers Liability
• Event Cancellation


• Group Family Employee Benefit
• Mortgage Home Finance Shield
• Credit Shield
• Group Employee Benefits


• Damage and loss to boat/yacht
• Third-party liability
• Crew and passengers cover
• Personal contents protection


• Open Plan for Entire Fleet
• Fleet size based pricing
• Easy additions/removals of vehicles
• Speedy settlements


• Property all risks
• Business Interruption
• Electronic Equipment
• Machinery Breakdown

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Our Promise

Watania has been at the forefront of the Takaful sector in the region, with a vision to protect and support the progress of our nation. Together, with Noor Takaful, we are stronger in our resolve to become the largest and leading Takaful provider in the UAE with an aspiration to grow and expand further.

Ali Saeed Sultan Bin Harmel Al Dhaheri

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Change of name from Dar Al Takaful to Watania Holdings International PJSC
Why are you changing the holding company name?

Post the merger between Dar Al Takaful and National Takaful Company (Watania) we undertook a strategic brand architecture review to bring all business lines under a single moniker with a unified brand identity. This included a market analysis supplemented by a study of the stakeholders’ perceptions of the name options as well as brand identity and purpose. The new logo is rooted in the culture, heritage, and purpose of both merged companies and combines Watania’s styled typography and Noor’s infinity symbol

Why are you now structured as an investment holding company?

We believe the Takaful industry provides lucrative future growth opportunities across its supply chain. Therefore, we have structured the holding company as such to establish an efficient and flexible organisation that can take advantage of both organic and inorganic opportunities presented by exploring interrelated businesses within the Takaful ecosystem. At the same time, this allows us to continue to leverage our current operating companies or subsidiaries to maintain a high quality of service delivery to all our stakeholders and create sustainable and more profitable returns to our shareholders.

Does ‘international’ signify expansion outside the UAE?

Certainly it provides us with flexibility for the future to explore lucrative opportunities in various markets that adhere to Sharia principles or see the value of related products and services, both in our expanded geographic area in the UAE and beyond.

How will the holding company maintain its Takaful roots?

The growth strategy will be based on the core principles of Takaful which we deeply believe in and have reflected in our business structure and overall purpose. While the holding company will explore future growth opportunities across the broad spectrum of the Takaful industry, our subsidiaries will be guided by the same Sharia principles to operate and engage with customers and to create sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

What is the new brand meant to signify?

The new brand brings together the best of both merged companies. It embodies the culture, heritage, relationships, and sense of purpose, new energy in the combined group as well as a business that is embracing change, evolving, and empowerment of our employees to reach new heights of delivery to our policyholders.

What’s behind the “settle claims faster” claim?

Our main purpose is to protect our customers and empower them to take charge of their future through a responsive, empathetic, and honest approach to doing what is right for them. This is mostly needed during difficult times which is why our teams will strive to always follow best practices and leverage technology and smart solutions to deliver high-quality services that assist our customers to ‘settle claims faster and achieve peace of mind.

How will policyholders and new customers hear of the name?

The new branding will be rolled out immediately and includes this new website to provide an enhanced experience and become a valuable resource for all stakeholders to engage with and understand the business, its culture and its commitment to its people, partners, and customers.

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