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Think You Don’t Need Insurance? Think Again - Watania

Think You Don’t Need Insurance?

Cover your Car with Watania Insurance

Think You Don’t Need Insurance?


Think You Don’t Need Insurance? Think Again.

It’s easy to come up with excuses for not buying insurance, but instead of thinking it’s a chore, you should consider it a vital part of your financial plan. Here’s how the industry has changed.

Insurance. It’s not the most captivating topic and certainly not one that you bring up at a party or in the elevator. Accidents, disaster, loss, and death are not things you wish to speak about no less to think about, but they can happen, and it’s vital to plan for worst-case scenarios. While we don’t blame anyone for trying to escape thinking about these matters, allow us a moment to bust some myths about the industry and demonstrate how insurance has kept up with the times and made purchasing it—dare we say—fun.

I Don’t Have Time for Insurance
The internet has brought many positive changes to the world and has sped up many procedures that used to take time. The insurance industry has been a true beneficiary of the digital age.

If thoughts of piles of papers, thousands of signatures, and hours in a musty office come to mind when you think about an insurance agency, think again! Calling an insurance company, setting an appointment with an agent or scheduling a home visit, and piles of papers to sign are a thing of the past. Insurance is fully digitized.

Whether you are after travel insurance, life, health, car, home or renter’s insurance, getting a quote, purchasing insurance, selecting plans, reporting an accident, and even filing a claim is now easy as A-B-C. With just a few keystrokes, you will get you exactly what you want in minutes.

It Takes Too Long to Reach My Agent
Remember the days when just getting through to a customer care agent at your insurance company could take hours and test your patience with maddening hold music? Those days are gone. Now you can get the help you need with the click of a chat button.

Insurance companies in the UAE have kept up with the times and moved their customer services to the convenient platforms that we all use, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, to better reach their present and prospective customers in real-time. Now, you can speak to anyone about your situation in a chat box and get the answers and help you need on the spot with no wait time, robotic questioning, or music. That’s how easy it is!

I Don’t Have Time to Sift through Agencies and Their Products
If you enjoy shopping on Amazon, you may be surprised to know that buying insurance has become just as simple and easy as shopping for the latest trainers or technology.

The internet has made shopping for insurance as simple as Amazon. You type in the product you’re seeking, and there it is! The marketplace is vast. You will find so many choices, varying prices, and products that it can be overwhelming, but online insurance marketplaces have made it easier to find the one that’s right for you faster. It’s as simple as sifting through them, picking what you like, and adding it to the cart.

Buying insurance can be just as exciting as buying a new phone because insurance is not only about monetary compensation for damage and loss; its services can go way beyond that. Many agencies offer add-ons to your car insurance coverage you perhaps had no idea even existed, from extras as basic as car-towing services, changing a flat tire, fetching fuel if you run out on the road, off-road vehicle cover, even International driving licenses and driving instruction for your kids!

Likewise, purchasing a Home Insurance policy no longer has to be so mundane. New products can compensate you for the loss of your personal belongings, such as mobile phones, wallets, jewelry, and watches. Who among us hasn’t lost phone or something precious? New products make their replacement free and easy.

Medical insurance has changed, too. It’s no longer just about what doctor you can see or clinic you can visit. Now, you can purchase products that offer 24×7 physicians, mental health services, lab tests, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, and, yes, some will even deliver your prescriptions right to your door. Talk about convenience.

So, what are you waiting for? With so many new products and services out there, it’s more important than ever to do your research to confirm that you aren’t paying too much for your insurance or not availing yourself of all the new services on the market. Hit up the net and bust the age-old myth that insurance is something that you don’t need, may never use, and takes too much time. Times have changed and so has insurance!

Watania, a national Takaful company in Abu Dhabi, offers Individual insurance policies that include Motor Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Home Insurance to cover you and your family for loss or damage to your personal acquisitions and property

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