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Quality | Watania


In Watania we believe that in order to work towards our vision of being the ‘Insurance operator of choice’, the most crucial factor would be to achieve excellence in all aspects of our operations. We also had the belief that attaining that level of excellence is not possible without keeping the expectations of our customers at the forefront. Therefore, we not only work towards meeting our customers’ expectations in designing our products and delivering our services, but we try to exceed them as well.

This whole process involves documenting the standard operating procedures, setting performance standards as per the best practices, and then putting effective checks and controls in place to make sure that everything is done right the first time and every time. When this is achieved and done consistently over a long period of time – this is when a company is considered to be driven by quality.

In September 2012, Watania documented its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) in conjunction with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), internal and external Service Level Agreement (SLAs). In January 2013, the Quality Management System (QMS) was implemented which included the Quality Policy Statement and Quality Manual.   Watania’s QMS stipulates that all activities of the organization;

  • are carried out in a systematic manner in accordance with defined and documented Policies and Procedures,
  • meet applicable legislative requirements,
  • are visible and auditable, and
  • meet the needs of customers and stakeholders

In Watania we believe that quality execution is the responsibility of all personnel within the company. This is achieved by promoting a quality culture within the organization through the sharing of information, empowering people, and including them in the decision-making process in addition to delegating the specific quality management functions. Where deficiencies related to the operation of the QMS are found, corrective and preventative action(s) are taken to ensure continual improvement of our policies and procedures.

After setting the house in order, Watania decided to apply for international accreditation of its Quality Management System. In pursuit of defining its quality and ensuring that the team members at Watania deliver excellent services to all stakeholders, it was decided to adopt the ISO 9001:2008 standards at Watania.

Watania’s Quality Management System was successfully accredited in July 2013 as per the ISO 9001:2008 standard by Lloyd Register.

Watania, a national Takaful company in Abu Dhabi, offers Individual insurance policies that include Motor Insurance, Medical Insurance, and Home Insurance to cover you and your family for loss or damage to your personal acquisitions and property