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Motor Insurance

Keeping you on the move & protecting you from the unexpected! Motor Insurance is designed to keep you on the move and prepare you for the unexpected. Car damage causes a lot of inconveniences and we understand you are busy with family and work commitments so we keep our process simple and convenient.

1) Watania Motor Policy Comprehensive

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage to your Vehicle and its accessories accidentally or unintentionally by you or the driver of your car. The policy also covers any liability towards the Third Party Property Damage or Bodily Injury / Death arising due to you or your driver’s negligence.

2) Watania Motor Policy TPL (Third Party Liability)

Third Party Insurance protects you against the liability towards the third party be it a damage to their vehicle, property or bodily injury/death

Features & Benefits

Third Party Property Damage

Passenger Cover

Driver Coverage

Battery Boosting Service

Mechanical & Accidental Towing Service

Excess Waiver on Windscreen Damage

Roadside Assistance

Car Registration Service

Off-Road Cover

Discounted International Driving License

Emergency Medical Expenses

Additional Benefits from IMC

Natural Calamity

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