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Motor Insurance: Buy Car Insurance Online | Renew Vehicle Insurance – WATANIA

Motor Insurance

Keeping you on the move & protecting you from the unexpected! Watania Motor Insurance is designed to keep you on the move and prepare you for the unexpected. Car damage causes a lot of inconveniences and we understand you are busy with family and work commitments so we keep our process simple and convenient.

1) Watania Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy

Comprehensive insurance provides coverage to your Vehicle and its accessories accidentally or unintentionally by you or the driver of your car. Watania Motor Insurance policy also covers any liability towards the Third Party Property Damage or Bodily Injury / Death arising due to you or your driver’s negligence.

2) Watania Third Party Liability Car insurance

Third-Party Car Insurance protects you against the liability towards the third party be it damage to their vehicle, property, or bodily injury/death

Features & Benefits of a Car Insurance Policy

Third Party Property Damage
In the event of an accident caused by you, Third party property damage covers accidental loss or damage to the vehicle or property towards the third party.
Passenger Cover
Driving someone in your vehicle is a bigger responsibility. Passenger cover is the part of a car insurance policy that provides for compensation for any injury or loss of life of any of the passengers of your car.
Driver Coverage
Driver cover is the benefit that provides for death and bodily injury of licensed driver described in the schedule, by violent accident external & visible means.
Battery Boosting Service
Watania car insurance provides for jumpstarting your car or battery boosting- anytime, anywhere, Free of cost. Though no new battery and /or replacement of the battery will be provided under the cover.
Mechanical & Accidental Towing Service
In an unfortunate event of an accident or mechanical failure, your vehicle will be towed to the dealer’s garage or the nearest garage within UAE borders.
Excess Waiver on Windscreen Damage
You are liable to pay excess if damages other than the damage to the windscreen occur,. But if its just windscreen the excess is not payable by you. Usually in both cases the limit is already pre-decided.
Roadside Assistance
Emergency Roadside Assistance service provides the basic services 24 hours, 365 days throughout the United Arab Emirates according to the type of cover purchased. Roadside Assistance and pro-gram for all Members is valid for 13 months from the date of activation of the membership card.
Car Registration Service
Watania car insurance policy covers the service for you, offering one complimentary service per year applicable for one vehicle per member, under IMC benefits.
Off-Road Cover
This feature covers for loss of or damage to the insured vehicle while being driven off-road, provided that the vehicle is private use SUV vehicles with four-wheel drive capability and not participating in a competitive event or race of any kind, and excludes dune bashing from the cover.
Discounted International Driving License
Life just got easier. Procuring a Driving License isn’t easy… or cheap. Once you get your vehicle covered at Watania, you are eligible for a discount on the International Driving License.
Emergency Medical Expenses
Emergency medical expenses are extended under Personal Accident Benefit (PAB) cover for the Driver and passengers.
Additional Benefits from IMC
Under IMC benefits, you can avail fabulous discount offers for various automobile-related products and services.
Natural Calamity
Natural Calamity- This benefit covers any damage, to the insured vehicle, caused by:
1) Riots, strikes or civil commotion.
2) Flood, Storm, Typhoon, Cyclone, hurricane, earthquake or other convulsions of nature.

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Here’s what you should look for to pick the right car insurance for your vehicle: Insurance Buying Process, Right IDV, Service benefits, Customer Support, Claim process, and Claim Settlements.

Watania Motor insurance covers the cost of repair/ damage to your vehicle, in case of an accident, injury and/or loss of life of any occupant in the insured vehicle and/or a third party involved in the incident.

IDV is the ‘sum insured’ in the car policy. It is the amount your car is insured for.

To file a claim, simply follow 4 steps- call the police, inform your insurance company, take pictures of the incident and car damage, and study your motor insurance policy for cover.

It is the portion of a loss borne by the Insured when the risk occurs

It is the process whereby an insurance company bears all or part of the risk that has already borne by another company, in exchange for a premium paid by the company that originally borne the risk; This is called the reinsurance premium.

In case you get into an accident caused by someone else, then the only way to claim the damages to your vehicle is through their Third-Party insurance.

It is the compensation to a Third Party/ Injured Party in case of any accident subject to this insurance, whether it emerges from the use or parking of the Motor Vehicle in the UAE during the insurance period.

UAE traffic department provides you with a one-month grace period to renew your vehicle registration? So once your 12-month registration expires, you have an extra penalty-free month to renew it.So it is advisable that you get proactive and take this time to do the research and compare your options to find a good deal.

Your car insurance policy premium is calculated depending on factors- Your age and driving experience, your traffic/ accident history, the age of your vehicle, the type of vehicle you own and the benefits you opt for.