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Motor Fleet Insurance UAE | Vehicle Insurance Policy & Covers - Watania

Motor Fleet

One for All! Protecting those wheels that keep your business running.

Freedom to custom design from the combination of detailed oriented multiple comprehensive and TPL benefits. Ensuring the safety of your vehicle and balance of your budget.


Comprehensive coverage for vehicles and accessories against loss or damage caused accidentally and unintentionally by the policyholder or the driver of the vehicle. Includes Third Party cover as mentioned below.

Third Party

Compulsory by UAE Law, the policy provides coverage for amounts that the owner of the vehicle may be legally liable for in respect of:

  • Death of or bodily injury to any person including all passengers in the vehicles (except the policyholder, his spouse or the driver)
  • Property damage (except those owned by the policyholder or the driver at the time of accident or property that has been entrusted to the policyholder or is in his custody or control)
Motor Fleet Insurance Policy

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