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Health Insurance: Buy Medical Insurance Policy Online in UAE - Watania

Medical Insurance

Watania is offering Family Care Plans a well-defined individual health insurance scheme catering medical cover to the residents of UAE. This scheme has evolved understanding the market needs of this region with a strict focus adhering to the mandatory guidelines laid down by the insurance regulators of UAE with very competitive medical insurance plans and premiums. The benefits and the administration protocols of this plan ensure maximum customer satisfaction. The Family Care Plan is administered by MedNet.

The eligibility to apply for Family Care Plan is open to all UAE residents. The dependents (spouse and children) of a principle applicant who are residents of UAE are also automatically eligible to be covered under the principle scheme.

Why Watania’s Medical Insurance

When its time to claim, our professional claims team will guide you through the process. Our fast and efficient service will ensure that all the details are explained to help you with your personal situation.

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Features & Benefits of a Medical Insurance Policy

Worldwide Coverage
The territorial cover is valid throughout the world within the terms and conditions of the policy. Direct Billing occurs in UAE only, but the rest is on reimbursement subject to policy terms and conditions.
Private Room
Covers the cost of your room and boarding facilities & according to the Hospitalisation Class and plan (Gold, Silver Premium, Silver, Silver Classic, Green Plan, Silk Road)
This benefit covers cost of any kind of post-medical procedure therapy or otherwise such as physiotherapy, chemical drug therapies such as chemotherapy, or internal radiation therapy and the like.
Companion Room
This compensate for cost of accommodation of a person accompanying a beneficiary below 16years of age in same room with prior approval.
Repatriation Cost
In the event of the death of the beneficiary following hospitalisation for a non-excluded Bodily Injury or Sickness, under this benefit, the cost is covered for the transportation of mortal remains of the insured deceased to the country of origin.
Physician Consultation
This benefit covers the cost of consulting hospital specialists and physicians if the consultations are related to the cause of hospitalisation. They include services like-
1. Pharmaceuticals
2. Physiotherapy
The benefit compensates for pharmaceuticals ( except vitamins and supplements) approved by the UAE Ministry of Health as prescription drugs (allopathic only) and the MCC as medically necessary.
Day Care Treatment
This provides for cover in case of some minor surgeries conducted on an out-patient basis, and you are discharged on the same day. 
Maternity Cover
This benefit covers pre and post natal treatments, Normal delivery, Medically necessary Caesarean Section, Maternity related complications & medically necessary legal termination.
New Born Baby Coverage
This benefit covers the expense of babies born inside & outside UAE from date of birth till 30days under mother’s card.
100% Emergency Cost Covered
All life-threatening issues are covered in full and the same should be notified to Insurer/TPA within 24 hours.
Diagnostics and Lab Tests
This covers cost of all Diagnostic and laboratory tests, x-rays, electrocardiograms, scans, laboratory, blood tests, biopsy, Cardiovascular procedures and the like depending upon the plan chosen.
Emergency / Elective Dental
This benefit covers accidental injuries mentioned in policy schedule.. Similarly pre-planned dental treatments are also covered within the dental limits and as per Hospitalisation Class and plan chosen. (Gold, Silver Premium, Silver, Silver Classic, Green Plan, Silk Road
Emergency Ambulance Service
In case of a medical emergency, this cover provides for free Ambulance service to ferry you or a family member covered under the insurance plan, to the hospital.
Medical Insurance Policy

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    Frequently Question Asked About Watania Medical Insurance Policy in UAE.

    Get Answers to Common Queries Related to your Health Insurance

    Anyone residing or working in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and his/her visa is issued from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi is insured by Health Insurance

    “According to the health insurance law, the employer shall undertake to provide health insurance coverage for all his employees/ workers and their family

    When the Visa is canceled, transferred or the member leaves the country, the health insurance plan will be canceled accordingly.

    You should report your complaint to the Customer Service Centre (CSC) in HAAD with all the supporting documents and the required fees. CSC will report the complaint immediately to the responsible personnel in HAAD.

    As per the health insurance law, 23/2005 and its bylaw the father should issue health insurance for the 4th kid from any from the authorized health insurance companies.

    Basic Product Policies – for individuals with monthly salaries under AED 5000 or under AED 4000 plus a housing allowance.

    Enhanced Policy – for all other individuals. These policies will include additional benefits over the basic product schedule of benefits and as per the agreement between the insured, and the Authorized Health Insurance Provider

    Emergency Policies – for all visitors to the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and non-resident children sponsored by

    Their fathers or mothers, provided they show proof that they are not permanently residing in the county. The premium will be set according to the duration of the visit and in consideration of the prices in the market”

    From any of the authorized health insurance companies available on the HAAD website. An updated list of authorized insurance providers will be published periodically by HAAD

    • In the basic product network
    • In case of emergency, people can use the card outside of Abu Dhabi within limitations
    • The annual limit of Basic Product Policy is AED 250,000

    Please refer to schedule no. (1) Of the health insurance law 23/2005 and its by-law for how long will the Policy be valid?

    The policy is valid for 1 year and shall to be renewed annually

    This depends on the terms and conditions of the contract between both parties.