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Marine Cargo – Open Cover 

This policy is designed for the shipments of goods onto any type of vessels for the purpose of transportation from one point to another.

Marine Hull

This policy provides comprehensive cover on all types of vessels like oil tankers, dry cargo carriers, livestock carriers, fishing vessels, and pleasure yachts etc.

Stock Through Put

Stock throughput (STP) policies are designed for companies that import, distribute, or export merchandise. The policy provides cover for all moveable goods (inventory) that are the subject of the insured’s trade, including raw materials, semi-finished, and finished products. The goods are covered at all times whether in transit, undergoing process (although damage caused by the manufacturing process is excluded), or in storage at owned or third-party premises.

Ship Repairers Liability

This marine policy is designed for ship repairers and provides care, custody & control for damage to vessels under repair or alteration by the Insured.

Stevedores Liability

Insurance covers the legal liability of stevedores for damage to vessels and their cargoes while under their care, custody and control during loading and unloading vessels in a port. Stevedores are also responsible for the damage to any surrounding property, such as other vessels, docks and wharves, due to the negligent acts of their employees.

Inland Transit

Covers loss or damage to the cargo caused by or resulting from fire, crash, overturning, collision, derailment and dropping out of vehicle/carriage carrying the cargo.

Cargo Marine – Single Shipment

Designed for the shipments of goods by vessels or by air for only one journey and the cover expires upon the arrival of the goods to the destination as mentioned in the policy.

Marine insurance Policy

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