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Complaints Handling Flow | Watania

Complaints Handling Flow

Recieving – Through all channels

You can reach us through any channel below
✓ Telephone
✓ Email
✓ Visit
✓ Website Submission

Categorizing – For Quick Resolution

Your complaints will be categorized as follows.
✓ Denial of Coverage
✓ Rejection of Claim
✓ Accuracy of Documentation
✓ Delays in Processing
✓ Administrative issue
✓ Product Dissatisfaction
✓ Changes to Policy Terms
✓ Service provided by a member of Staff

The Folow – For Best Addressal
Watania Complaint Handling Flow
What happens if my complaint is not resolved?

In an unfortunate event of the delay in the designated flow of complaint resolution kindly write to us at info@watania.ae