How to get your car insured in just 4 mins

Insure Your Car in Less than Four Minutes.

Many of us believe that car insurance is an expensive and time-consuming bother . . . until you need it. One company aims to make insuring your car faster and easier and to save you money!

Driving in the UAE is a means to an end and, for the foreseeable future, it’s the most convenient way to get around. Selecting your vehicle and/or the path to your destination is the fun part but for your car insurance? Not so much.

You spend your hard-earned money on that perfect vehicle to provide yourself and your family with creature comforts. You know you need to care for your car and caring for it often means protecting it against circumstances that are both foreseeable and unforeseen because the latter can strike anytime, anywhere.

Your vehicle is an investment, so a car insurance policy should be looked at as something both required by law and a way to keep your investment protected. But what if it could all be made easier and faster? Wataniahelps you do it in under four minutes! Learn more about a fast and fun new way to insure your car.

1-2-3 Car Insurance

Because your time is money, Watania makes it easy to purchase a car Insurance policy online within moments, and our online process is simple and convenient, and as easy as 1-2-3.

Whether you choose to buy a Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy or a Third-Party Liability Motor Insurance, Watania allows you to buy a car insurance policy in three easy steps and have it confirmed in just 4 minutes! All you have to do is visit Watania online, and the rest is simple. Our user-friendly process will guide the car insurance policy best suited to you and your vehicle.

Quick Insurance and Benefits Galore

You buy insurance to keep you out of trouble on the road, both with the law and with the unexpected. Driving safely keeps you out of trouble with the police, but car insurance is your best friend in the event of an unforeseen accident or problem, andWatania is your one-stop solution.

Watania Online Motor insurance covers your car for all the obvious and less obvious circumstances that can put a damper on a road trip, such as running out of petrol, a flat tire, or worse. Here are some 11 perks of insuring your car with Watania provides

1. Roadside assistance provides basic services 24×7 throughout UAE depending upon the type of policy your purchase.

2. Off-Road Coverage makes 4-wheel drive action safer and gives you the peace of mind that you are financially covered for breakdowns or accidents.

3. Battery boosting allows the show to go on if your car’s battery dies on you. Let your car insurance cover the hassle and expense of getting your car jumpstarted.

4. Personal & Passenger Accident Benefits keep you and your passengers safe. It compensates for any injury or loss of life due to an accident.

5. Fuel Delivery compensates for refueling your car in case you run out of fuel while on the road. You may not think this will ever happen to you…until it does.

6. Emergency Medical Expenses Coverage will compensate you or someone else for accidental injury to the driver and/or the occupant of the insured car.

7. Free Lockout service is there for you if you lose your car keys or your lock transmitter is lost or stolen. This is one of those services you will be thankful to have when you need it most.

8. Windshield Coverage compensates for the cost of replacement of a window or windscreen if it’s damaged or broken with no extra fees or hassles tacked on.

9. Personal Belongings Coverage protects the valuables in your car, so you don’t have to worry about losses of any kind if your car is broken into or stolen.

10. Does your current policy include Agency Repairs? Ours covers accidental damage repairs to your vehicle at any of the manufacturer’s authorized dealers in the UAE. If you purchased your car from a place other than an authorized dealer, Watania will pay to get it towed to an approved garage.

11. International Driving License is covered by Watania Insurance Policy at a discounted rate allowing you to safely get on the road wherever in the world life takes you.

With a world of convenience and benefits offered in just a matter of minutes, Watania will be your last stop in your endless pursuit for fast, friendly convenient, and affordable car insurance.

If you’ve been putting off finding a better or more reasonably priced car insurance policy, four minutes with Watania is all that’s stopping you from a convenient and easy new policy that will save you both time and money!