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6 Reasons Your Car Insurance Claim May Be Denied | Watania

6 Reasons Your Car Insurance Claim May Be Denied.

why your car insurance claim can be denied

6 Reasons Your Car Insurance Claim May Be Denied.

6 Reasons Your Car Insurance Claim May Be Denied.

Hate Being Rejected? Here are 6 Reasons Your Car Insurance Claim May Be Denied.

The last thing you want after getting into an accident is to find out that your car insurance claim has been rejected. All residents of the UAE are required by law to have motor insurance that at the very least covers third-party damages. City driving, such as that of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, requires even a high level of insurance as driving in densely populated places carries more risk. To ensure you don’t run into any problems when submitting your next claim, read on to find out some of the more common pitfalls people experience when they attempt to claim against their car insurance and how you can prevent them.

#1. You Forgot to Pay Your Premium

If you want your claim approved, the easiest thing to do is make sure you’re paying for it on time. Failure to renew and pay your premium can put your insurance claim in jeopardy. Even if you’ve only missed a single payment, the insurance company still can deny your claim. Though our premium plan is prepaid for the year in advance, WATANIA does offer payments plans with a zero percent installment rate.

#2. Hiding Information or Misinforming 

Hiding important details about an accident is never a good idea. As you know, your car insurance premium depends upon the make and the model of your vehicle. An imported or a sports model will cost you more in premiums as compared to a GCC Spec (i.e., a model made specifically for the Gulf region). Quickly access a comparison of the various plans and their benefits as per your vehicle make and specs by visiting this link.

Think of your relationship with your insurance company as a partnership. You would not be happy if your insurer lied to you about your coverage, so please do not make the mistake of misinforming your insurance company about the details of your car to save money because it will cost you much more in the long run. Misinforming your insurer may compel an insurer to reject your claim.

#3. Claiming Items that Aren’t Covered

This is probably the most common reason for a claim being rejected. Often drivers believe that accidents and injuries will not happen to them, so they attempt to save money and do not cover the passenger or driver. But in the event of an accident that causes injury to someone in the car, that same car owner may submit claims for the expenses related to medical treatment. The result? The claim will be rejected as it would not be included in the policy.

It’s vital to understand your car insurance as a whole rather than the sum of its parts. Take time to comprehend your policy—its inclusions, benefits and exclusions—rather than considering the premium amount alone. This will ensure you pay for what you want and get covered for what you need. At the time of claiming, be sure of the policy inclusions and limits to avoid that horrible and preventable feeling of claim rejection.

Read your policy carefully and in full. Consider adding on features that are specific to your vehicle type and your lifestyle. Consider whether you drive long distances daily, enjoy off-roading or rarely drive at all. Doing so will help you get exactly the benefits you require.

#4. Being On The Wrong Side Of Law

Breaking the law leads to serious repercussions anywhere in the world, and naturally, insurers will not cover your claim if you’re on the wrong end of the law. For example, if you are pulled over for driving under influence, without a license or a road that is closed or under construction, you may end up paying hefty fines or, worse yet, face arrest or imprisonment. This will certainly not look good on your records and will affect your insurance claim, so this one’s a no-brainer: just stay on the right side of the law.

#5. Exceeding Policy Limits

Every policy has a limit. No matter what you are or are not covered for, every benefit and type of insurance has a limit set though the limits may differ from insurer to insurer. Some features are included in your policy but may be valid only during the term of the policy. If you exceed the limit of your insurance policy, your insurer may not be willing to compensate for the overage amount and can reject your claim.

#6. Delayed The Reporting of Damage

If you get into an accident resulting in damage to your vehicle, it must be reported to both the police and your insurance company immediately though some insurance companies in the UAE cover your claims if the damage is reported within a prescribed time frame. If you file a claim past the stated time period, the insurer can reject the claim on grounds that over time the damages to your car may have developed into other complications not been caused by the accident.

While buying car insurance is the first step towards keeping you, your passengers, and your car safe, just having an insurance policy is not enough. You should also aim to follow all the road safety rules and regulations and be a responsible driver. When you need to file and claim and we hope that you don’t anytime soon, WATANIA is here to make the process is easy and contactless for your safety.

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